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We had to deal with a little bit of stuff in the past few months – but at least we are stocked with hatred until the next millennia.

Let us recommence with our favorite store in the mall we love to walk by and attempt to comprehend its customers, employees, corporate officers, clothing designers, and other people who voluntarily work there and among its affiliates – Hollister, you’re in this bunch too. I find it difficult to understand the mind set someone who both has to choose to work for, and associates a sense of “hip and cool” with a store that utilizes a glut of New Englander-Nantucket asshole style wasps to NOT wear its clothes in their advertisements. It’s essentially an endless circle of dumbass, the same people who buy it are the same people who work there and they associate with those same people = dumbassi (the plural of dumbass).

I’m confused, do they sell footballs?

The only thing you see when you walk by the store is a guy HUGE picture of a guy without a shirt. Sometimes, if you are really lucky, you might actually get an actually person – with their shirt off. I’m a straight man, and im assuming this brand is attempting to bring in all creeds, races, etc., but why would you place a gigantic picture of a man and his chest and have half of the entire store dedicated to either sex.

My thought process does NOT go: Mall – Store – Guy with no shirt on – desire to buy these products and thereby become said guy with shirt off.

My thought process DOES work this way: Mall – Store – Guy with no shirt on – What the hell? What is this place?

My other issue, besides an unusual amount of clothes which attempt to recreate a Dr. Livingstong/Rudyard Kipling but im going to Harvard feel, is their constant abuse on the human nasal cavities. I can’t walk by this store and not be hit with a wall of shitty cologne. Once you walk in, its almost like they pump in cologne through the air conditioning–much like can be done with anthrax to effectively kill people in a room quickly and easily.

My main issue with the Abercrombie cologne is that it DOESN’T cause death after being in its grasp for a few minutes. It stays with you and follows you and then ruins anyone else you see for the next two weeks – or roughly 14 showers. This is some nasty shit.

So what type of person are they trying to attract into their establishment? Frankly I feel that certain characteristics of their stores has directly influenced their customers living and social habits. Never has a company created a persona of its intended customer base, and CONVERTED people to act and behave like their suggested models would. People don’t just have a shirt of a pair of pants from this brand; they have entire sets of clothes that all work together and have a gross amount of unnecessary zippers and pockets that allow you to be able to hold all those nails you wanted to hold. Many Thanks Abrcrombie!

Sidenote: When I was going to college, I had this horrible roommate who would never wear a shirt, smell like cologne at all hours, and seemed to get the entire bathroom wet whenever he would use it. I mean entirely. It is not a coincidence then to find out that this same person worked at A&F for a long period of time, and was even “moving up to Assistant Manager” at one point. It was difficult for me to understand that a corporation would give this man more responsibility beyond that of the folding of a shirt, and asking the same person over and over again, “Do you need me to get you a size?”. Frankly it was appalling.


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